A Dynamic Digital Portfolio of Crisp Graphics Designs

S.B. Grace

A new manufacturing company, S.B. Grace requested a web site to introduce its line of high-quality GFRC products to both private individuals and interested potential resellers. The site features a sophisticated yet natural look and feel, complimenting the landscape-oriented nature of the products presented. Crisp Graphics has also been involved in the creation of corporate identity and logo design as well as stationery.

D.T. McCall & Sons

Unlike S.B. Grace, D.T. McCall, one of Middle Tennessee's premier providers of furniture and appliances, has been in business for over a century. Crisp Graphics effectively captured this well-established identity, re-tooling it in a digital presentation for the twenty-first century. This site features information about D.T. McCall & Sons, current sales specials, and links to the sites that manufacture the products the McCalls sell.

Heart for Israel

A non-profit charity, Heart for Israel wanted a site that would feature both information on its own activities and links to related organizations. The initial phase of the site also includes a commerce section featuring a catalog of Israeli music.

Our Web Site

Crisp Graphics' home page art represents the digital nature that underlies electronic art and media. The panorama, reminiscient of our local Tennessee hills, is actually a study of Stone City, Iowa, painted in 1930 by Grant Wood (1891-1942, American Gothic). It portrays a rural town experiencing the impact of the Industrial Revolution, which in many ways parallels the transitions of today's Technological Revolution.
To see the original Grant Wood painting, visit the Joslin Art Museum.