An Introduction to Crisp Graphics

For over two decades, we at Crisp Graphics have specialized in state-of-the-art communication solutions.
Crisp Graphics as a company has been in business since 1985. Originally the company focused on graphic design and illustration with an emphasis in airbrush illustration and hand lettering (for logotype and custom type treatments). With the advent of the personal computer and desktop publishing, Crisp Graphics made the transition to a desktop publishing and graphic design studio. Over the years Crisp graphics has been involved in projects for advertising agencies, small businesses and large corporations.
Upon the introduction of the World Wide Web and electronic publishing, Crisp Graphics began to create web graphics along with the print and other media graphics upon demand. Services in this area included training clients to optimize and repurpose their print graphics in assembling web pages.
Our vision for the future continues to evolve as electronic media grows in prominence. Although Crisp Graphics continues to offer design services for print, our central focus and direction for the future is to concentrate on worldwide web and other multimedia design productions.

About Our People

Tad Crisp is the founder of Crisp Graphics and has worked as a professional artist/designer since 1975. Tad received his Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art in 1977 and spent 10 years in the US Navy where he served as an Illustrator Draftsman, producing various media for intelligence briefing and training. After leaving the Navy, he continued as a professional graphic designer in the Tidewater area of Virginia.
The emergence of the world wide web caught Tad's attention as it brought together the challenges of print and multimedia graphics. Moving to Tennessee in 1995, his focus gradually shifted, with web design gaining an ever-increasing share in his design pursuits.  E-mail Tad

Av Pinzur has been involved in information technology since 1992, with experience in programming, system configuration, and software deployment. With this background and his affinity for aesthetics, the transition to web design in 1996 was a natural one.
In addition to strong skills in page layout & support coding, he is proficient in graphics creation and manipulation, and has additional capabilities as a writer and editor.  E-mail Av  Web site

The Virtual Company
Crisp Graphics employs a unique approach to creative team work. Many modern design firms struggle to keep multiple qualified individuals on payroll. We circumvent this problem with a solution we call the Virtual Company. A loose confederation of independent creative professionals works together to see that you receive (and pay for) exactly the services you need - no more, no less.
Describing what the virtual studio is not helps to define what it is.

It is not large.
It has no buildings or fixtures to maintain.
It has no rooms full of employees to keep happy and productive.
It has no army of sales people and account executives to keep salaried.
It has no continuously growing overhead to pass on to the client business.